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Projector - Epson EH-TW5200 LCD Home Cinema Projector

Brand: Epson
Product Code: Epson EH-TW5200
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Rs 99,131.89
Ex Tax: Rs 86,578.07

Epson EH-TW5200

Redefining What Full HD 3D Home Theatre Can Be

Why be limited by the size of flat screen TVs when it comes to home entertainment? The highly affordable Epson's EH-TW5200 breaks new boundaries for a larger-than-life home theatre experience.

Easy Set-Up and Placement

  • Horizontal Keystone Adjustment
    Easily correct and eliminate distorted images with the intuitive one-touch horizontal keystone adjuster. Vertical distortion is detected by the projector itself and is corrected automatically. With a combination of adjustment features to correct image distortion, you’ll be able to enjoy a broader range of placement options.


  • Superior Placement Flexibility
    With the zoom lens and keystone adjustment features, you’ll have a broader range of placement possibilities. Fewer placement limitations mean it’ll be easier for you to relax while enjoying your favourite entertainment on the big screen.


Wide-Range Connectivity

  • With integrated support for multiple connection methods, including MHL, HDMI and USB, to suit a wide range of entertainment devices, the EH-TW5200 makes home entertainment more accessible than ever.


    Availability of MHL Port
    Watch your images and videos in your smart devices appear larger-than-life with the MHL port. Simply connect your MHL-compatible device with the MHL cable to fully enjoy your contents on the big screen. What’s more, when connected, you can charge your smart device and operate it using the projector’s remote control.

    Wireless Transmission
    Enjoy this convenient solution for smooth and smart projection. With the optional Wi-Fi adaptor (ELPAP07) and iProjection app, users can project images directly from Android and Apple iOS tablets and smartphones.*

    * Wireless video streaming only through connected PC or laptop with EasyMP Network Projection software installed.


    Direct Display from USB
    View a JPEG, BMP, PNG or GIF slideshow without a PC by simply inserting a USB memory device into the USB port on the projector.


Compact Portability

  • The compactness of the EH-TW5200 makes it easy to carry and maximises placement possibilities. Stylish and portable with a small footprint, it’s a compliment to any environment.


Superb Sound Quality

  • With the built-in 2W speaker, you can enjoy quality sound wherever you are without having to connect messy wires to a separate speaker.


Clear, Vibrant Images

  • 1080p Full HD Resolution
    With a Full HD 1920x1080 panel, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your favourite high defi nition entertainment on the big screen in the comfort of your own home.


    High Contrast Ratio
    With a bright 2,000 lumens and a 15,000:1 contrast ratio, you’ll be able to project beautiful well-defined images wherever you are, regardless of ambient light.


  • Bright 3D Drive
    With Epson’s bright 480 Hz drive technology, a stunning level of 3D brightness is made possible. The 480 Hz drive technology minimises the “blackout time” of the projector when 3D images are transitioning from frame to frame, giving you the smoothest 3D movie or gaming experience from the comfort of your home.


  • Lighter Full HD RF 3D Glasses
    Lighter than InfraRed 3D glasses, the Full HD RF 3D Glasses™ are more comfortable and can be connected smoothly via Bluetooth without any transmission interference from obstacles in the room.


  • Fast Mode for Gamers
    Enjoy your game the way it was made with fast mode. This mode improves the response speed for images* projected at high-speed.

    * Not applicable for 3D images.


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